Gift Hampers

Country Markets offer a simple way to obtain a hamper of home-produced goods, tailor-made to your requirements and delivered to the door.
These make ideal gifts for friends and relatives but are also a useful way to receive Country Markets produce if you are unable to get to a Country Market yourself.

Arranging for a delivery is easy. Simply contact the participating Country Market nearest to the recipient of the hamper – if you need contact details contact Country Markets’ Head Office either by phone (01246 261508) or e-mail and tell them where the hamper will be going.

Let the participating market know:
• how much you would like to pay (including a small delivery charge)
• what types of things you would like to go in the hamper
• any likes or dislikes of the recipient
• if you would like a gift card to be included

The Country Market will await your payment by cheque (some markets will provide details for a direct transfer to their bank account, on request) and they will then make up and deliver the hamper.

Please give as much notice as possible since most Country Markets are only open on one day a week (Four weeks notice is preferred at Christmas).