Our produce

The food sold by the markets is freshly produced in small batches in the producers’ own kitchen, often using local recipes and ingredients.  The range of foodstuff available at markets includes both staple items and luxury treats.  Many of the markets sell local meat, cheese and eggs.

Markets welcome suggestions for new products and can usually produce items for special diets, if ordered in advance (e.g. low salt, low sugar or using ingredients that don’t contain gluten etc.).  None of our cooked items contain any preservatives or colourings and as they are freshly made, they can be frozen.

All our cooks hold a current Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate and items containing allergens are carefully labeled.

You can order items in advance if you would like something special or can’t get to the market early enough to be certain of getting your favourite things.

From the garden
Flowers and vegetables are picked and packed either the day before or in some cases on the morning of the market,   You will often find unusual fruit and vegetables, old fashioned (non-commercial) varieties and advice on how to prepare and cook items that you may be unfamiliar with..  The plants on sale will have been grown to withstand local conditions and you will get expert advice as to how to care for them.

All of the markets sell a craft items  – the range varies from market to market and may include jewelery, carved wooden items, basket work, knitting, cards, clothing and cosmetics.  As everything is hand-crafted, you can be certain of obtaining a unique gift!